Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 Skiens Full

Despite the looming deadlines of my thesis paper and various other large projects (3 other term papers, and 3 oral presentations) I am still trucking away on this mohair. Finished navajo plying 3 skiens last night and they are currently residing in a nice warm bubble bath. I'm jealous, since I have to go out into some crap-tastic weather. Don't get me wrong, I like snow...when it causes you to not be able to leave the house, snow/rain nastiness is not my cup of tea. Which reminds me I need to go grab my coffee and split.

Oh, and one last thing. One of my patterns is getting published! I'm stoked, but that's all the info I can give you right now. I'll announce it when it comes out.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rhinebeck and Hurricanes

I probably should have gotten around to posting this last week, but life got in the way and then a hurricane....so ya know, blogging got pushed off a bit.

4oz silk hankies
Rhinebeck was the other weekend and since me and a few friends had never been we made the pilgrimage. We left bright dark and early at 6am expecting the drive to be about 4 hours, we made it in 3 and had to hang out until the gates actually opened. It was truly an overwhelming amount of yarny goodness. Miss Babs was mobbed...it was scary, we didn't go in there until later. It took us till about 2pm to cover the grounds and really we all spent pretty conservatively, getting things that were really special or especially good prices.  My favorite is this braid from Bittersweet Woolery,  it's

lovely and I plan on spinning it with the above bag of silk hankies purchased from another vendor. Since there was no time to make a Rhinebeck sweater I wore my Spanish Peacock shawl and holy God was I assaulted by just about every person there asking for all the specifics and I received further confirmation that I came up with this way of wearing shawls. I'm kind of excited to see if it becomes a trend! There is a photo of how the back looks under the bittersweet woolery link above from the Sept. 17th post. There is a picture of how it's pinned here in post 28. Kim literally ran me down to take this picture...and of course my hair looks like crap :P
I already spun up some corriedale ramboulet for a custom cowl that I may self publish the pattern for, hoping to have the pattern ready for this coming weekend.
In recent finished object news there has been a completed pair of socks for my mom's birthday.
And a Spencer Sweater!
Oh, the cuteness!
And just as things were settling back down here and I was dutifully ignoring all my Rhinebeck purchases in order to spin mohair and knit xmas presents.....and homework, we got smacked with the biggest storm to hit this area in I don't know how long. I'm sure you've all heard about Hurricane Sandy and it's assault on the East Coast, but to those who fared far worse than I, my thoughts are with you. We didn't loose power, though we were in the path of the storm, but most things were shut down here from Mon-Wens and things still aren't back to normal, there are downed power lines and trees everywhere and it is going to take over a week for some people to get their power back. So again I say, we were very lucky. If you can find it in your hearts and wallets please make a donation to the Red Cross here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still not enough hours in the day

Between school and work there just haven't been enough hours in the day to knit, spin, and blog. I stare longingly at my wheel and think of the lovely camel and cashmere picked up at Jersey Sheep and Wool, then chastise myself because I really must work on the mountain of mohair 1st.

So the only thing that has gotten completed recently is this hat....because it was quick, and small, and I could knit it in the dark at the Opera. Last week was the opening of La Boheme at the Philadelphia opera company. I got to go for free and since there were extra tickets Dan got to go too. It was an excellent production and I highly recommend going if tickets are still available. They recorded the performance we attended and will be showing it free here TONIGHT!

Izzy and Spencer
The other big news of  the past couple weeks is the emergency fostering of a puppy. His name is Spencer (aka. Spencil, Spensticle, Spencicleis, or Spencicle ) He is a raging ball of energy seen here in rare nap mode. Lets just say that I owe a huge debt to Izzy for helping run off much of his puppy energy, which should be bottled and sold as a drug.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gone in a flash...

That's how the last 2 weeks have felt. Between getting back into the rhythm of new classes and lots of projects going on I have been completely neglectful of the blog, so be prepared for a lot of pics.
Happy camper
The General is assimilating nicely, wool block is all cleared up. He's even so frisky that he has taken to humping the dogs, they are just a bit perplexed by this turn of events. I will try to get a video the next time it happens because a 12lb rabbit humping a 65lb pit bull is one of the funniest things ever!
Mid trim
Jersey haul, Izzy checking for yak content
          Last weekend was Jersey sheep and wool. It's a tiny little venue if you've never been, but it's close and has a nice selection of stuff. I ended up being very good and not buying a whole lot. I got a shawl pin and wore my Peacock around the whole day getting uber compliments and photos taken. The way I was wearing it seemed to be new to a lot of people and I have to get a pic in it to explain it, but I could have sworn people wore circular shawls like that, who knows, maybe I made it up. It just sort of made sense at the time. I picked up 2oz of yak-silk-merino and 2oz of alpaca-silk (the 2 balls on the bottom left) which will be spun lace weight and plied together. An additional purchase was made from Deb and those are already about halfway to being mitts.  Everything else in the photo I got when we stopped at Twist on the way home. The large puff is 1.5 lbs of Australian wool @ $1.50 an oz, it is amazingly soft for that price. Also grabbed some sock blockers and some bamboo size 1. I really prefer making socks on bamboo, less slippage.  Made some good contacts for future project and made plans to go to Rhinebeck this year. So excited for that, I've never been and debating whether I need to frantically knit a sweater before the end of next month. The Peacock shawl may just have to do because I really don't think I have the time.
Monday was crazy hectic mostly because I had a much anticipated concert to attend, Amanda Palmer and Grand Theft Orchestra. If you haven't heard them go listen here, they are awesome-sauce in shoes! I even got to meet Amanda after the show. There are a bunch of awesome photos and I may even break down and do some fan art.
Because the show ran so late I was a zombie the next day...who am I kidding, most of the rest of the week, but somehow I managed and even getting ahead on assignments. Since I have tree fluffing coming up next week the head start is a good thing.

Today I popped into 2 local thrift shops and manged to score 2 cashmere sweaters for $5, these will be dismantled and reknit into something far more fabulous. Also found 5 little skeins of needlepoint wool for 50 cents each.

Got final pics of the Live Oak Shawlette, turned out nice, just have to figure out what to do with it.
Live Oak Shawlette

I think that's everything of importance for the moment. I have a couple of big projects in the works, so hopefully some announcements soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crazy Week

Classes started up again this week and I can already tell this is going to be a crazy and expensive semester. Last week was my only official week off between the end of the summer semester and fall semester and almost that entire time was spent sorting, cleaning, and carding mohair. In short I didn't expect it to take half as long as it did, but thankfully it's done. Now just to spin 11 lbs of mohair.

In a small fit of startitis I cast on the Live Oak Shawlette with the remaining yarn from the Spanish Peacock shawl. It is turning out beautifully, but I don't know who it's for yet. I'm sure it will tell me before I finish.

Still trucking along on Dan's very boring birthday socks. Thank Dog I have until November to finish these so I can justify only doing 5 rounds at a time before I can't stand looking at them anymore.
 I got some pretty presents from the In-laws vacation. A little draw string knitting bag from Della Q and a skein of Knit One Crochet Too Crock-o-Dye yarn. Mmmm, silk. Don't know what this will be yet, but it will speak to me eventually.

Dan's gift was a bag of fudge and the night I brought it home we had a little and put the rest on the dining room table so the dogs wouldn't get it....apparently peaunut butter and chocolate were too much of a temptation and while I was out running an errand Izzy snagged it and nommed it all up. Had me worried for the rest of the day, but aside from being a little bloated and gassy she was fine. Dan is still pissed about the lack of fudge.
We also may be getting a new addition soon. Smoke's bunny boyfriend, General Burnside, may be coming to live with us after recovering from a case of wool block. He doesn't get as much attention since his owner got a dog who's soul purpose in life (at least in the dog's mind) is to eat the rabbit. My dogs love the rabbits and think they are interactive play things, so when he comes here they'll have 2 bunny playmates.
General Burnside

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Hair Raising Experience

circa early 1980's
For those of you that know me you also know that I hate my hair. When I was born I had bolt straight hair, but around 11 I asked my mom if I could get a perm, I really don't know what came over me or what possessed my mom to say yes to this horrible idea. It really didn't help that the Electric slide was the most popular song the year I got ridiculous frizz job. Oh, the shameless teasing of 5th graders. At the time I figured my hair would go back to normal, unfortunately it never did, it has remained wavy ever since. Not really curly, but just enough body and fly away pieces to make it totally unmanageable. So as soon as I had the opportunity I chopped it all off and for over a decade now have never let it get past my shoulders. I even lived with a hairdresser for a while which saved me a whole lotta money on haircuts. Since I've been back in school though, haircuts have fallen into the semi luxury item list, so in the past few years my hair has finally exceeded shoulder length. Any of you out there with curly hair will know that most hairdressers have no idea how to cut curly hair, not a clue. You go in to get your ends trimmed and come out with buzz cut. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. So when I came into a little spending money last week I decided to treat myself to a good haircut that I can manage and doesn't bear any resemblance to me sticking my finger in an electrical outlet. I was doing a little curly hair care research when I came across the Ouidad system and found a certified stylist not to far from my home. I'm not one for random promotion, but this is the best haircut I have ever had in my life! The picture below was taken first thing in the morning without anything done to it! Seriously, it looks like I just left the salon and not the normal "just electrocuted" look I normally would have.
The process is a little time consuming in my book, a whopping half hour...longer if I blow dry with a diffuser, but the best part is there are no rollers or curling iron involved. This is my natural curl and i only have to do it twice a week and it stays like this for days. I can't recomend it enough. The additional bonus is I only have to get it cut every 3-5 months. So if curly hair has been the bain of your exsistence I really recommend giving this style a try.
Also on an extremely amusing note, while doing curly research on the internet I came across the Ombre look which is apparently very in right now and the shampoo girl at the salon even commented on how much she loved my color and how it was so hot right now, here I was just thinking that I had 5" roots, but unbenounsed to me I'm the hieght of hair fashion. I do my own thing though and it's merely an accident when I'm in style.

In wooly news, I finished another hat. This is the Serpentine hat from Fall 2012 KnitScene. It's designed with short rows and was really interesting to watch it come together. it turned out a little slouchier than I think it should have, but it's still cute and I will take some modeled shots later once it's dry (at least i know my hair will look good in the pictures :)

I also got a shot of me modeling the Zelda Cloche from the other day. I got the feathers attached and I can't wait for cold weather so I can wear it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Projects

Please ignore the ugly bearded head.
So in the wake of working on the massive shawl and wrapping up those long languishing socks I've been smacked in the face by a massive case of startitus. Since the games have ended (less than a week ago)  I have completed one birthday present (pics later since the recipient reads the blog), an adorable new cloche for yours truly. This knit up in like 3 hours, felted it with the laundry the next morning and walla! I love it, I just have to actually attach the feathers and it is ready for the first chilly evening of fall. Also on the needles are new birthday socks for Dan, he's finally getting his wish and getting plain old stokinette socks, my one concession is it's self striping yarn, so at least it has something to keep my interest. Last night I started the next birthday present in the cue, which will have to remain a mystery for now because I'm designing the pattern.

And even more exciting, my shawl was featured in Hand Spinning News! This totally made me do a little happy dance, which was amazingly hard since I spent 9 hours today staining my mom's back deck. Recognition is always nice to receive.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fini- part 2

Finished my skull socks last night...finally.
So happy these are off the needles after 2 yrs.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, at least part way.
The shawl is done, this behemoth took almost my entire king size bed in the blocking process, but it is finished and medals have been posted. I still have enough yarn left over to likely make a scarf and another smaller shawl, so win win. Unfortunately I won't finish my WIP wrestling project in time. Though I made a marathon effort yesterday, I still have 1/2 a pattern repeat and the ribbing to do. In all honesty I'll probably finish them tonight, just not in time for a second medal. Oh, well. At least after 2 years on the needles they will be done. I've also developed a wicked case of startitis since I finished the shawl and have cast on one new project and pulled the yarns and patterns for 3 more. One will be a new pattern that I will probably offer up for free, but may have to wait to post since it will be a birthday present. I'm off to the store now since I have inevitably lost the battle with myself of my desire for Ben & Jerry's Half Baked vs. wanting to be thinner.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Going for the Gold

Day 11 of the Olympics and I'm still going strong on the shawl, although it's becoming a bit of an uphill climb. Currently it is taking about an hour to complete just 1 round, but I'm slogging through. I'm still debating whether I have enough yarn to complete another full repeat and still have enough to make the edging. I've never made a large circular shawl before, so I have very little frame of reference as to how much yarn the edge will use. I think I may just forgo the other repeat since it will probably end up taking 2 hours per round by the time I'm done. I just don't have that much time.

So since I've hit the land of slow I opted to put in some work in the WIP Wrestling category and wrap up these socks. They've been on the needles for 2 year and just need to be done already. The other night I got a full repeat of the patter done and am only half a repeat away from turning the heal.
The mohair that I washed last week is finally dry and I began carding and spinning this weekend. One ounce done, 239 more to go.

And overshadowing all this is my own personal goal of getting the entire house CLEAN during the Olympics. I say it with all caps because I'm talking spic and span all kinds of sparkley kinds of clean. My house usually does exist at a pretty reasonable level of tidiness, but things can only remain so clean when you have 3 dogs, a cat, and a house rabbit. I'm going room by room, purging, dusting, organizing, and pretty much everything (except the windows, no point in doing them until the ac's come out in the fall). So far this has been a room a day process and I've finished the bedroom, my studio, bathroom, and attic thus far. Only 5 more to go and blessedly 2 of those are really easy. Now I'm off to do my room of the day and get some mandolin practice in before class tonight (it's the second to last, so excited to have some time off before fall semester starts).
1oz of silver mohair

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 3

3rd day of the games and the shawl is coming along swimmingly. So well in fact that I've decided to also compete in WIP Wrestling and getting these finished. I started them 2 years ago and have worked on them in fits and starts. One sock is complete and the other is cast on. I think now that the shawl is getting so large and since I decided to forgo stitch markers because moving them one st every row for a large section of the pattern was becoming rather tedious I'll have the socks as my travel project.

In other fabulous wooly news I posted on craigslist a while back to offer spinning lessons, no takers on that so far, but I did get an email from a couple who has four angora goats and would like their fleeces locally processed. After hammering out the details I met with her today and picked up the fleeces. 15 lbs of mohairy goodness to clean, card and spin. I hope to get it all cleaned on Wednesday that way the long process of carding can begin. Oh, how I wish I had a drum carder.
Izzy investigating the fleece.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the games begin!

Tour de Fleece wrapped up last Sunday and though I should have left several more days for plying I came in under the wire with 2800 yds of gorgeous 2py.
I'm still not sure I love the purple, it's a little more blue than I want it to be and I've toyed with the idea of overdying it a bit, but I'm going to wait to see how much of this I need to complete the shawl. If I don't need the purple then it can become socks or another small shawl.

In the past week I wrapped up a photoshoot for a pattern and submitted it *cross your fingers*.

Read 5 books (I am a voracious reader when I'm not in school).

Wrapped up some final bits of another pattern sample and just need to do some button attaching and get the pattern typed up so I can submit it.

Dug through my wip bag and pulled out my skull socks that I will be completed during the games in the WIP Wrestling competition.

On Friday I cast on for my Spanish Peacock shawl and have made excellent progress in the past 2 days, 58 rounds done. Just 51 more to go plus the edging. So far, like most lace knitting, it looks like a giant mushy ball of crap. I think today I'll actually get around to watching the opening ceremonies on my laptop (I don't have cable, just netflix). Off to do a few chores and homework then on to some serious knitting.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Week To Go

The Tour de Fleece is beginning to wind down. Despite a sporadic spinning schedule (some days a lot, some days a little) I am almost done my singles.
9.7 oz done of 12 oz. I decided to wait till everything is spun and rested to begin plying. Since I wanted the colors to blend where they meet I'll start from the last 2 bobbins (containing 6 oz) and ply 4 onto a new bobbin, the next onto another and then join the 1st 2 bobbins and do 2 oz from then and the last 4oz onto a 3rd bobbin. I can't wait to see what this looks like when it's finished. Spinning can be a bit of a surprise, you never know exactly how something is going to look when it's done...well, I suppose you do after a lifetime of experience, but I've only been spinning for 4 years so I'm still learning how the colors blend. I kind of don't want to know though because I like the surprise.

In kitty related news, today I picked up Maow and 'Rali and drove 2 hours to north Jersey to bring them to their new Dad. They were very good on the drive. Only minimal meowing and no accidents of any kind (Thank Dog!)  Unfortunately they came out of the carriers and promptly went under the couch, but that is to be expected. In cat land being stuffed in a box and driven 2 hours is a rather traumatic experience, especially cause they suffered through my singing most of the time. They will come out shortly when they need food or a bathroom break. My friend who was relinquishing custody hooked them up with all the kitty accoutrement's, so once they get over the initial shock of the new house they will be very happy, and A needed the company so everyone will be good in the end.

Back to spinning.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tour de Fleece

Last Saturday the race began and I got underway with goal of 12oz of laceweight 2 ply. I'm pacing myself at the moment...we do have until the 22nd. This is my progress so far.
around 2.5 ozs of very fine singles.
Color accurate singles
I'm pretty happy with it, but the high mileage spinning makes for slow going. Will hopefully get to finish the last 1/2 oz or so today and then on to a new bobbin tomorrow. If you haven't done so already you should go check out all the amazing new yarns being born over on the Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry. They are simply beautiful!

Today I also get to help 2 of my friends help each other. I have 1 in need of finding a home for 2 cats that she can no longer take care of and another who just happened to be in search of 2 cats. He is meeting them today to see if everybodies personalitys mesh and hopefully they will have a new home in New Jersey. This saves them from having to go to a shelter where they may have a hard time finding homes since they are adult cats.

Not color accurate, but the penny gives an approximation of size
I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th and please remember to keep your pets safe on this holiday. More pets escape and are killed or wind up in shelters from 4th of July fireworks than any other time of the year, so make sure everyone is tagged or safe inside tonight!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Training

I've been trying to wrap up the pound of wool from Dancing Leaf farms for well over 2 months now. In the last week I got 6 more oz of singles spun and plied, making for a total of 10oz complete. I was thrilled to get so much done before the Tour starts on Saturday, but when the second skein was dried and placed next to the first.
They look like two entirely different color ways of yarn!  I was really hoping for a sweater from this lot, but until I see what the last 6oz looks like when finished I don't know it will make a good looking sweater. With any luck it will land somewhere squarely between these 2 and I can get some kind of gradient action going on. Going to start my Tour de Fleece project on Saturday. Hopefully I'll wrap that up real quick because the suspense of what I'll get from those 6oz is killing me.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Silly Wabbit

Smoke's new do!
I trimmed more poor, hot, English Angora today. She's been panting even though we move her crate into the best air conditioned room in the house. She actually didn't fuss about the whole ordeal too much, but I am glad I trimmed her nails last week. I got a small mountain of fur off of her and now she is having a happy little hippety hop around the living room.

I should not be allowed near furry things with scissors!
I'm sure she feels better though. And it will be mostly grown out in about a month.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Other pusuits

This semester I have been taking Photo II. I really enjoyed Photo I and the complex set of goals I have requires that I be able to photograph my work in an interesting manner. For the one series I just completed I am going to be putting together a small book on Blurb and may give it out as a gift for the holidays. If I get enough positive feedback I may even put it up for sale in their marketplace. The theme for this series is the relationship between the paths we create in nature and the leavings of man and how the become part of that landscape once habitation of the area has ceased. The image below was shot in Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town now mostly abandoned due to the underground mine fire accidentally set in 1962.
The second series I'm working on is of self portraits dealing with light and motion and will be completed by the end of next week, but here is a little preview.
In more fiber related pursuits, I have finished two more bobbins of the Mermaid singles and started a third, which I hope to complete by the end of the weekend.  If all goes as planned I will have another 800yards of plied and washed before Tour de Fleece starts on the 30th. I may even get the last 4oz completed during the tour along with my planned project.
The patterns I've been working on are coming along nicely. I just have to type two of them up. Get one off to test knitting and do a photo shoot of the other for submission. I have several other plans to work on after that. The big announcement has been revised and I am now seeking more financial support.
Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their weekend.
Well, off to go work on writing up my business plan and patterns.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Upcoming Competions

Tour de Fleece and the Ravelymipics are right around the corner and though I have bee considering my project for several months now I hadn't selected my teams until this weekend.
I choose Team Kromski for Tour de Fleece, makes sense since I spin on a Sonata and Team Knit Your Handspun since I will be knitting my Tour de Fleece spoils into the Spanish peacock shawl that I have been coveting for months.
I'm getting pretty stoked about it although I really wanted to have finished my other handspun by the time the Tour starts, I just don't think there will be time what with 1st summer semester wrapping up and second summer semester starting all at the same time. Maybe I'll get 4 more ozs done before then, I had an idea for a sweater design for it so the sooner the yarn is done, the sooner I can hide it from all of you until it's done :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Button Hunt

Today I went on a button hunt. I have some secret projects that I was having the worst time finding appropriately colored buttons for. Someone over on FB suggested I check out the Powerhouse, an indoor flea market in Collegeville, Pa. I used to live right around the way from there, but I never think of it when I need some random thing that I can't find anywhere else. I saw tons of awesome things that I need to go back for, like an earl 1900's portrait camera, the kind that takes the glass plates, and several antique skein winders, a walking wheel and 2 other wheels traditional style wheels, all of those needed parts though, so more of a project than I'm ready to tackle in the near future. Despite many lovely shop owners complimenting me on my sweaters they all did not have buttons in the right color and if they were the right color then they were the wrong size or there weren't enough. *Le Sigh!* I did find a drink strainer (bar tending do-hickey) and a darning egg for a grand total of $3.

Still on a mission to find these darned buttons I trucked on over to Doylestown to the extra large JoAnn's Fabric store and thankfully I found buttons...on the last rack I looked at. And a few magazines leaped off the shelf at me while I was there.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Fathers Day Card

I just realized that Fathers Day was coming up this Sunday and I hadn't gotten anything sent out to my step-dad who is currently working out in Arizona. So I made him a card. It's in the mail now and will hopefully only get there a day late, but it's hand painted so I think that makes up for the late. Plus he has a thing for Cowboys, so extra bonus points there.

I'm also gearing up for Tour de Fleece. The fiber I selected to work on is for a specific project that I was having a really hard time find yarn I wanted to use. The shawl I'm spinning for is the Spanish Peacock Shawl by Meg Swansen, I saw this absolutely gorgeous interpretation by MandaKR and simply had to make it. I have it qued up on Ravelry with some mohair lace weight my ML gave me, but it just wasn't speaking to me, ya know what I mean? So when I was down at Maryland sheep and wool I fell in love with a sample shawl (not a great pic, in person it is very impressive) at the both Fiber Optics. I loved how one color blended into the next yet you didn't get that stripey impression that often occurs when variegated yarns are paired with lace patterns. I didn't buy any of her fiber, but did hit up Cloverleaf Farm's Stand. And pick up these six 2 oz puffs.  I plan on spinning 4 bobbins of single composed of 1 whole color and half of the center color, then plying the matching pairs together to get a continuous grading effect. I am a little concerned now that the variegated purple on the left my be too cool for the other colors. We'll see.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reviewing and Teaching

I am normally a very fast reader, but the book I just finished dragged a little bit for me and since it is knitting related I thought I’d give you a quick review.

The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design (How to Keep Your Knits About You) By Shannon Okey and published by Cooperative Press, a great little indie craft publisher that incidentally is up for a huge grant opportunity and could use your help voting here. You have to log in with Facebook, but totally worth it to support a small-scale craft publisher.

Shannon’s book was awesome and informative up until the point where the Designer Interviews took over about halfway through the book. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of useful personal experience in the interviews, but there was also a lot of repetitive or common sense info that made it hard to truck through the last hundred pages or so. I have a number of pages market for useful information that I need to reference on the intranet and I’ll probably spend the next few days researching all of these.

One of the main sources of revenue most designer’s site in the book is teaching and yesterday I gave my first private spinning lesson. Well, let me clarify that as my first lesson to someone I’d never met before and for which there was monetary compensation. We met at a coffee shop that was midway between us, a cute little place called Java’s Brewing and they were super nice! They even let us use their downstairs meeting room, I’m thinking future meeting place for a knit group….Brenda...

The lesson went really well and at the end Lauren had a little ball of handspun yarn to be proud of…and hopefully coax her husband into letting her purchase her own wheel. He seems rather obstinate to the idea though. We’ll see.

After returning home, I got an email alerting me to a job opening that is right up my alley. I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t say anymore about it until I hear more. So wish me luck!

Friday, June 8, 2012

1 Skein Down

Yesterday I finished plying the first skein of Mermaid yarn. Ended up with 424 yards of lace weight so once I have all 16 oz spun I should have about 1700 yards. I queued up a few patterns that I'm considering on Ravelry, numbers 719-723 if you'd like to have a peak and put in your 2 cents about what I should make.

I just hope I can get the next 12 oz spun up before the the Tour de Fleece starts on the 29th. I have my project ready and waiting.