Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 Skiens Full

Despite the looming deadlines of my thesis paper and various other large projects (3 other term papers, and 3 oral presentations) I am still trucking away on this mohair. Finished navajo plying 3 skiens last night and they are currently residing in a nice warm bubble bath. I'm jealous, since I have to go out into some crap-tastic weather. Don't get me wrong, I like snow...when it causes you to not be able to leave the house, snow/rain nastiness is not my cup of tea. Which reminds me I need to go grab my coffee and split.

Oh, and one last thing. One of my patterns is getting published! I'm stoked, but that's all the info I can give you right now. I'll announce it when it comes out.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rhinebeck and Hurricanes

I probably should have gotten around to posting this last week, but life got in the way and then a hurricane....so ya know, blogging got pushed off a bit.

4oz silk hankies
Rhinebeck was the other weekend and since me and a few friends had never been we made the pilgrimage. We left bright dark and early at 6am expecting the drive to be about 4 hours, we made it in 3 and had to hang out until the gates actually opened. It was truly an overwhelming amount of yarny goodness. Miss Babs was mobbed...it was scary, we didn't go in there until later. It took us till about 2pm to cover the grounds and really we all spent pretty conservatively, getting things that were really special or especially good prices.  My favorite is this braid from Bittersweet Woolery,  it's

lovely and I plan on spinning it with the above bag of silk hankies purchased from another vendor. Since there was no time to make a Rhinebeck sweater I wore my Spanish Peacock shawl and holy God was I assaulted by just about every person there asking for all the specifics and I received further confirmation that I came up with this way of wearing shawls. I'm kind of excited to see if it becomes a trend! There is a photo of how the back looks under the bittersweet woolery link above from the Sept. 17th post. There is a picture of how it's pinned here in post 28. Kim literally ran me down to take this picture...and of course my hair looks like crap :P
I already spun up some corriedale ramboulet for a custom cowl that I may self publish the pattern for, hoping to have the pattern ready for this coming weekend.
In recent finished object news there has been a completed pair of socks for my mom's birthday.
And a Spencer Sweater!
Oh, the cuteness!
And just as things were settling back down here and I was dutifully ignoring all my Rhinebeck purchases in order to spin mohair and knit xmas presents.....and homework, we got smacked with the biggest storm to hit this area in I don't know how long. I'm sure you've all heard about Hurricane Sandy and it's assault on the East Coast, but to those who fared far worse than I, my thoughts are with you. We didn't loose power, though we were in the path of the storm, but most things were shut down here from Mon-Wens and things still aren't back to normal, there are downed power lines and trees everywhere and it is going to take over a week for some people to get their power back. So again I say, we were very lucky. If you can find it in your hearts and wallets please make a donation to the Red Cross here.