Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 3

3rd day of the games and the shawl is coming along swimmingly. So well in fact that I've decided to also compete in WIP Wrestling and getting these finished. I started them 2 years ago and have worked on them in fits and starts. One sock is complete and the other is cast on. I think now that the shawl is getting so large and since I decided to forgo stitch markers because moving them one st every row for a large section of the pattern was becoming rather tedious I'll have the socks as my travel project.

In other fabulous wooly news I posted on craigslist a while back to offer spinning lessons, no takers on that so far, but I did get an email from a couple who has four angora goats and would like their fleeces locally processed. After hammering out the details I met with her today and picked up the fleeces. 15 lbs of mohairy goodness to clean, card and spin. I hope to get it all cleaned on Wednesday that way the long process of carding can begin. Oh, how I wish I had a drum carder.
Izzy investigating the fleece.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the games begin!

Tour de Fleece wrapped up last Sunday and though I should have left several more days for plying I came in under the wire with 2800 yds of gorgeous 2py.
I'm still not sure I love the purple, it's a little more blue than I want it to be and I've toyed with the idea of overdying it a bit, but I'm going to wait to see how much of this I need to complete the shawl. If I don't need the purple then it can become socks or another small shawl.

In the past week I wrapped up a photoshoot for a pattern and submitted it *cross your fingers*.

Read 5 books (I am a voracious reader when I'm not in school).

Wrapped up some final bits of another pattern sample and just need to do some button attaching and get the pattern typed up so I can submit it.

Dug through my wip bag and pulled out my skull socks that I will be completed during the games in the WIP Wrestling competition.

On Friday I cast on for my Spanish Peacock shawl and have made excellent progress in the past 2 days, 58 rounds done. Just 51 more to go plus the edging. So far, like most lace knitting, it looks like a giant mushy ball of crap. I think today I'll actually get around to watching the opening ceremonies on my laptop (I don't have cable, just netflix). Off to do a few chores and homework then on to some serious knitting.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Week To Go

The Tour de Fleece is beginning to wind down. Despite a sporadic spinning schedule (some days a lot, some days a little) I am almost done my singles.
9.7 oz done of 12 oz. I decided to wait till everything is spun and rested to begin plying. Since I wanted the colors to blend where they meet I'll start from the last 2 bobbins (containing 6 oz) and ply 4 onto a new bobbin, the next onto another and then join the 1st 2 bobbins and do 2 oz from then and the last 4oz onto a 3rd bobbin. I can't wait to see what this looks like when it's finished. Spinning can be a bit of a surprise, you never know exactly how something is going to look when it's done...well, I suppose you do after a lifetime of experience, but I've only been spinning for 4 years so I'm still learning how the colors blend. I kind of don't want to know though because I like the surprise.

In kitty related news, today I picked up Maow and 'Rali and drove 2 hours to north Jersey to bring them to their new Dad. They were very good on the drive. Only minimal meowing and no accidents of any kind (Thank Dog!)  Unfortunately they came out of the carriers and promptly went under the couch, but that is to be expected. In cat land being stuffed in a box and driven 2 hours is a rather traumatic experience, especially cause they suffered through my singing most of the time. They will come out shortly when they need food or a bathroom break. My friend who was relinquishing custody hooked them up with all the kitty accoutrement's, so once they get over the initial shock of the new house they will be very happy, and A needed the company so everyone will be good in the end.

Back to spinning.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tour de Fleece

Last Saturday the race began and I got underway with goal of 12oz of laceweight 2 ply. I'm pacing myself at the moment...we do have until the 22nd. This is my progress so far.
around 2.5 ozs of very fine singles.
Color accurate singles
I'm pretty happy with it, but the high mileage spinning makes for slow going. Will hopefully get to finish the last 1/2 oz or so today and then on to a new bobbin tomorrow. If you haven't done so already you should go check out all the amazing new yarns being born over on the Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry. They are simply beautiful!

Today I also get to help 2 of my friends help each other. I have 1 in need of finding a home for 2 cats that she can no longer take care of and another who just happened to be in search of 2 cats. He is meeting them today to see if everybodies personalitys mesh and hopefully they will have a new home in New Jersey. This saves them from having to go to a shelter where they may have a hard time finding homes since they are adult cats.

Not color accurate, but the penny gives an approximation of size
I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th and please remember to keep your pets safe on this holiday. More pets escape and are killed or wind up in shelters from 4th of July fireworks than any other time of the year, so make sure everyone is tagged or safe inside tonight!