Saturday, July 5, 2014

A marathon not a sprint

Tour de Fleece begins today, which I didn't realize until last night when someone in my FB group asked who all was partaking this year. Luckily I was pre-gaming all week because I was morning the loss of one of our dogs. AJ, my Japanese Chin passed away quietly at home with me on Monday. So it has been a sad week and knitting, spinning, and housework were mostly what I could manage.
Spencer in his sweater snuggled with his buddy, AJ

We really miss the little dude and all his quirky little ways. The other dogs have been notably bummed out and I hope Dan will come around to adopting another dog in the near future. Our area shelters are in extreme advertising mode since they are getting more intakes than they have room for, so every time I go on social media I am assaulted by cute pics of homeless pets. Heartbreaking!

Enough sad news, today I went to the Phoenixville Farmers market to attend a canning demo/talk. Most of which I knew, but there were door prizes and I have a huge stack of Ball canning coupons to hand out to my other friend who can. Bought the book as well, Preserving by the Pint by Marisa McCullen. Here is a link to her web page, Food in Jars.
And finally on to the fibery stuff. I dyed this fiber last summer or fall, started spinning it and stopped for a while. I just didn't feel like spinning, but last weekend I demonstrated spinning with some ladies from the lancaster guild at Canal Days in Monte Claire. It was a nice relaxing day talking about something I love. Kids and adults showed an equal amount of interest, although one man called a wheel and loom and another woman called it a sewing machine *face palm* I think my goal for this tour is gonna be lighter than other years, I'm gonna try and get this finished and plyed by the end of the tour. I have roughly a pound left to spin and hours of plying ahead of me. To everyone else participating in the tour, happy spinning!