Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Work in Progress

So aside from all the good news in my last post I've been a very busy bee. It is my last semester as an undergrad and in the BFA world that means thesis time. We actually had to write our papers last semester which was a bit of a challenge, not knowing exactly what our final project would be. It took some convincing of my thesis adviser, but there will be knitting in my thesis. I am planning to create between 6-15 original knitting designs, make them and layout a book and ebook based on them as a collection. It's going to be a time consuming challenge, but I have a schedule and it's much easier to work on homework when it's something you want to do anyway. Unfortunately all this new pattern knitting leads to not much sharable blog content, but I have been spinning for various projects so I have some yarn to show you and a baby cardigan for an expectant friend.
My tonal hand dyed from some merino top purchased at Webs

Merino in color Blueberry from Bittersweet Woolery

BFL Silk from Bittersweet Woolery plied with silk hankies

Hoot Baby Cardigan with glass bead eyes and antique buttons

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