Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spinning along

Life has been really productive since returning from Italy. This past Sunday I had another fortuitous meeting and picked up some freelance graphic design and tattoo work from a local shop owner.

 I've quit smoking by using an Ego-v vapor cigarette. So I technically haven't stopped using nicotine, but that's not the part of the cigarette that kills you. My lungs already feel better. 

I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss design options for this new yarn partner.

Oh, and we're buying a house. It came up rather suddenly that we were able to do it, looked at a house the next day, put in an offer and the second offer was accepted on Sunday. The inspections should be done this week, but assuming all goes well we'll be making settlement in about 60 days. It'll be so nice to be building equity as apposed to paying rent. The house has been really wonderfully maintained and has everything we were looking for except hardwood floors and a fireplace, but we can work on that.

And a little spinning thrown in during my free time.
Top: 4oz Delly's Delight Batt purchased at Rhinebeck, 70% wool 30% angora
Bottom: 4oz Tempted roving 85% mixed BFL 15% tussah silk

The color is way off in this photo, but I am not going near the adobe creative suite if I can help it.

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