Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still not enough hours in the day

Between school and work there just haven't been enough hours in the day to knit, spin, and blog. I stare longingly at my wheel and think of the lovely camel and cashmere picked up at Jersey Sheep and Wool, then chastise myself because I really must work on the mountain of mohair 1st.

So the only thing that has gotten completed recently is this hat....because it was quick, and small, and I could knit it in the dark at the Opera. Last week was the opening of La Boheme at the Philadelphia opera company. I got to go for free and since there were extra tickets Dan got to go too. It was an excellent production and I highly recommend going if tickets are still available. They recorded the performance we attended and will be showing it free here TONIGHT!

Izzy and Spencer
The other big news of  the past couple weeks is the emergency fostering of a puppy. His name is Spencer (aka. Spencil, Spensticle, Spencicleis, or Spencicle ) He is a raging ball of energy seen here in rare nap mode. Lets just say that I owe a huge debt to Izzy for helping run off much of his puppy energy, which should be bottled and sold as a drug.

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