Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gone in a flash...

That's how the last 2 weeks have felt. Between getting back into the rhythm of new classes and lots of projects going on I have been completely neglectful of the blog, so be prepared for a lot of pics.
Happy camper
The General is assimilating nicely, wool block is all cleared up. He's even so frisky that he has taken to humping the dogs, they are just a bit perplexed by this turn of events. I will try to get a video the next time it happens because a 12lb rabbit humping a 65lb pit bull is one of the funniest things ever!
Mid trim
Jersey haul, Izzy checking for yak content
          Last weekend was Jersey sheep and wool. It's a tiny little venue if you've never been, but it's close and has a nice selection of stuff. I ended up being very good and not buying a whole lot. I got a shawl pin and wore my Peacock around the whole day getting uber compliments and photos taken. The way I was wearing it seemed to be new to a lot of people and I have to get a pic in it to explain it, but I could have sworn people wore circular shawls like that, who knows, maybe I made it up. It just sort of made sense at the time. I picked up 2oz of yak-silk-merino and 2oz of alpaca-silk (the 2 balls on the bottom left) which will be spun lace weight and plied together. An additional purchase was made from Deb and those are already about halfway to being mitts.  Everything else in the photo I got when we stopped at Twist on the way home. The large puff is 1.5 lbs of Australian wool @ $1.50 an oz, it is amazingly soft for that price. Also grabbed some sock blockers and some bamboo size 1. I really prefer making socks on bamboo, less slippage.  Made some good contacts for future project and made plans to go to Rhinebeck this year. So excited for that, I've never been and debating whether I need to frantically knit a sweater before the end of next month. The Peacock shawl may just have to do because I really don't think I have the time.
Monday was crazy hectic mostly because I had a much anticipated concert to attend, Amanda Palmer and Grand Theft Orchestra. If you haven't heard them go listen here, they are awesome-sauce in shoes! I even got to meet Amanda after the show. There are a bunch of awesome photos and I may even break down and do some fan art.
Because the show ran so late I was a zombie the next day...who am I kidding, most of the rest of the week, but somehow I managed and even getting ahead on assignments. Since I have tree fluffing coming up next week the head start is a good thing.

Today I popped into 2 local thrift shops and manged to score 2 cashmere sweaters for $5, these will be dismantled and reknit into something far more fabulous. Also found 5 little skeins of needlepoint wool for 50 cents each.

Got final pics of the Live Oak Shawlette, turned out nice, just have to figure out what to do with it.
Live Oak Shawlette

I think that's everything of importance for the moment. I have a couple of big projects in the works, so hopefully some announcements soon.

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