Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Jersey Sheep and Wool

Pretty much every year Benji and I go to the New Jersey Sheep and Wool Festival. For those of you that haven't been, it's a relatively small affair with two barns for livestock and two for vending, but it's a great start to the fall season. Deb was vending again this year and Tina from Bittersweet Woolery whom I really like were there as well and a first appearance by the Verdant Gryphon.

I have recently been tasked by my old roommate to make him a Clint Eastwood Poncho like in Fist Full of Dollars. So to cut costs I suggested that I get 2 fleeces and start from scratch. I found 2 gorgeous Shetlands at the festival and had one stolen right out from under me five seconds after the lady said the sale hadn't started yet.... :/
I grabbed another white fleece, which I'm not as happy with, but it will do.
Brown and white Shetland Fleeces
 I send this photo over to my friend to show him the colors since the brown originally looked darker in the barn, and he said that it being lighter was fine because it would take the green better. I said Isn't the poncho brown and white?
Looks brown to me.
 So apparently I have to dye this gorgeously multicolored fleece green :( I may end up getting him another one because the color variations in this wool are truly stunning. I already washed it and am waiting for it to dry before carding, although the lock structure is so perfect I could probably spin it as is.  I also grabbed the most lovely gray shetland for myself. It was a steal at $25 for 4lbs and has almost no VM whatsoever. I love it and want to do nothing but process it and spin it right this second...I am resisting though in order to complete other more pressing work projects.

 Last but not least is the pretty braid of Montana Sky in Merino Silk from Bittersweet Woolery. I really can't resist her pretties.

I am still working on designs  that I can't show you, sad face, I know, but I did finally get started on one of my Rhinebeck sweaters. I have 2 planned and we'll see if that happens considering one of my current designs requires the needles for one of the Rhinebeck sweaters. I have a sleeve a front done on the  cardigan, most of the second front done and the second sleeve cast on, I hope to finish that this week along with one of my submissions, but if I plan to do all that I better get back to it.

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