Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Week From Heaven and Hell

I can not even begin to describe to you what a strange emotional roller-coaster this week has been.

We bought a house...Yeah!

A really good friend passed away.... :(
Sincerely one of my favorite people on this big blue marble. I will miss him terribly and he will be one of the first people I look for in my next life.
Rest in Peace my <3 br="" found="" here.="" i="" know="" little="" you="">
Chemistry final (I did fine, but the day after you have your own personal Irish wake for your favorite Irish boy is not a day to think about molarity of solutions
... :/

Still dealing with car problems... :/

Got 2 pattern submissions accepted.... :D

My first pattern ever in Interweave Knits was published today.... :D
You can find the pattern here
It's called the Trieste Cardigan and I just added some more photos from the set I originally made and should be adding some more photos soon. The colors that Interweave selected don't show a lot of contrast in the pictures.

I was also published in another international bilingual magazine today... :D
My friend Kate got an artist feature in VOLUP2's August issue. There is a painting of me in the group.
*DISCLAIMER* There are graphic nude photos in this magazine, so you've been warned.

Dan got water spilled on his phone, so we have to go get him a new one... :/

It's really been a dizzying week and will definitely be one of the most memorable.

Here's hoping next week is slightly less crazy.

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  1. Sorry for your loss.

    Congrats on being published!

    Hope next week is better.