Sunday, May 20, 2012

Productivity, thy name is Kelly

Today was an excellent day, if for no other reason than I got to do something other than lay on my back trying to let whatever muscle in my leg that is pressing on my sciatic nerve heal, but thankfully there are other reasons.
Nom Nom Nom

1st is Zucchini Bread, it turned out perfectly and thanks to Dan is already half gone. I used a recipe from the Joy of Cooking. It's the go to book in this house for all recipes big and small.

Forgive the bad photo
Next up we have a finished pair of socks, finished in the wee hours of the morning. I'm severely disappointed that it is no longer sock weather cause these babies are begging to be worn. The pattern is Vorticity by Alice Yu, now this pattern was originally published in Knitter magazine in a longhand version and I have the second coming of the pattern from the Socktopus book, this pattern was a chart....I do not like this chart. While the pattern itself is very easy the chart makes it much more complicated than it needs to be. Otherwise I love them, they fit perfectly and the yarn is to dye for. I bought it a year ago from Sarah Brown Designs, the yarn is Addiction in Regal, a fingering weight wool, cashmere, nylon blend that is just lovely to knit. And for any fans of True Blood out there, she has a line of colors inspired by the series. There will be action photos of these socks posted tomorrow on my Ravelry account.

And my favorite project of the day, one that has been on the mental back burner for a couple years now is my new yarn wreath. I bought the Styrofoam balls and wreath base for this well over a year ago and finally got around to assembling it. Definitely a fun and easy way to use up those random little balls of leftover project yarn. And talk about instant gratification since it took maybe an hour to assemble. This is a general all year kind of color scheme, but think of the possibilities for different holidays!

Tomorrow I think I'll get around to telling you about Alpacas, Maryland Sheep and Wool, and the cool weaving project I came up with today for my grad school portfolio. I'm stoked, stay tuned knit fans!

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