Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Hair Raising Experience

circa early 1980's
For those of you that know me you also know that I hate my hair. When I was born I had bolt straight hair, but around 11 I asked my mom if I could get a perm, I really don't know what came over me or what possessed my mom to say yes to this horrible idea. It really didn't help that the Electric slide was the most popular song the year I got ridiculous frizz job. Oh, the shameless teasing of 5th graders. At the time I figured my hair would go back to normal, unfortunately it never did, it has remained wavy ever since. Not really curly, but just enough body and fly away pieces to make it totally unmanageable. So as soon as I had the opportunity I chopped it all off and for over a decade now have never let it get past my shoulders. I even lived with a hairdresser for a while which saved me a whole lotta money on haircuts. Since I've been back in school though, haircuts have fallen into the semi luxury item list, so in the past few years my hair has finally exceeded shoulder length. Any of you out there with curly hair will know that most hairdressers have no idea how to cut curly hair, not a clue. You go in to get your ends trimmed and come out with buzz cut. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. So when I came into a little spending money last week I decided to treat myself to a good haircut that I can manage and doesn't bear any resemblance to me sticking my finger in an electrical outlet. I was doing a little curly hair care research when I came across the Ouidad system and found a certified stylist not to far from my home. I'm not one for random promotion, but this is the best haircut I have ever had in my life! The picture below was taken first thing in the morning without anything done to it! Seriously, it looks like I just left the salon and not the normal "just electrocuted" look I normally would have.
The process is a little time consuming in my book, a whopping half hour...longer if I blow dry with a diffuser, but the best part is there are no rollers or curling iron involved. This is my natural curl and i only have to do it twice a week and it stays like this for days. I can't recomend it enough. The additional bonus is I only have to get it cut every 3-5 months. So if curly hair has been the bain of your exsistence I really recommend giving this style a try.
Also on an extremely amusing note, while doing curly research on the internet I came across the Ombre look which is apparently very in right now and the shampoo girl at the salon even commented on how much she loved my color and how it was so hot right now, here I was just thinking that I had 5" roots, but unbenounsed to me I'm the hieght of hair fashion. I do my own thing though and it's merely an accident when I'm in style.

In wooly news, I finished another hat. This is the Serpentine hat from Fall 2012 KnitScene. It's designed with short rows and was really interesting to watch it come together. it turned out a little slouchier than I think it should have, but it's still cute and I will take some modeled shots later once it's dry (at least i know my hair will look good in the pictures :)

I also got a shot of me modeling the Zelda Cloche from the other day. I got the feathers attached and I can't wait for cold weather so I can wear it.


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  2. I love your knitting! Where can I buy a hat? Do you have an etsy account? Thanks,

    1. I do have an esty account, but don't usually sell finished knit pieces. Was there a particular style of hat you like, I'd be happy to do some work on commission.