Monday, August 6, 2012

Going for the Gold

Day 11 of the Olympics and I'm still going strong on the shawl, although it's becoming a bit of an uphill climb. Currently it is taking about an hour to complete just 1 round, but I'm slogging through. I'm still debating whether I have enough yarn to complete another full repeat and still have enough to make the edging. I've never made a large circular shawl before, so I have very little frame of reference as to how much yarn the edge will use. I think I may just forgo the other repeat since it will probably end up taking 2 hours per round by the time I'm done. I just don't have that much time.

So since I've hit the land of slow I opted to put in some work in the WIP Wrestling category and wrap up these socks. They've been on the needles for 2 year and just need to be done already. The other night I got a full repeat of the patter done and am only half a repeat away from turning the heal.
The mohair that I washed last week is finally dry and I began carding and spinning this weekend. One ounce done, 239 more to go.

And overshadowing all this is my own personal goal of getting the entire house CLEAN during the Olympics. I say it with all caps because I'm talking spic and span all kinds of sparkley kinds of clean. My house usually does exist at a pretty reasonable level of tidiness, but things can only remain so clean when you have 3 dogs, a cat, and a house rabbit. I'm going room by room, purging, dusting, organizing, and pretty much everything (except the windows, no point in doing them until the ac's come out in the fall). So far this has been a room a day process and I've finished the bedroom, my studio, bathroom, and attic thus far. Only 5 more to go and blessedly 2 of those are really easy. Now I'm off to do my room of the day and get some mandolin practice in before class tonight (it's the second to last, so excited to have some time off before fall semester starts).
1oz of silver mohair

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