Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crazy Week

Classes started up again this week and I can already tell this is going to be a crazy and expensive semester. Last week was my only official week off between the end of the summer semester and fall semester and almost that entire time was spent sorting, cleaning, and carding mohair. In short I didn't expect it to take half as long as it did, but thankfully it's done. Now just to spin 11 lbs of mohair.

In a small fit of startitis I cast on the Live Oak Shawlette with the remaining yarn from the Spanish Peacock shawl. It is turning out beautifully, but I don't know who it's for yet. I'm sure it will tell me before I finish.

Still trucking along on Dan's very boring birthday socks. Thank Dog I have until November to finish these so I can justify only doing 5 rounds at a time before I can't stand looking at them anymore.
 I got some pretty presents from the In-laws vacation. A little draw string knitting bag from Della Q and a skein of Knit One Crochet Too Crock-o-Dye yarn. Mmmm, silk. Don't know what this will be yet, but it will speak to me eventually.

Dan's gift was a bag of fudge and the night I brought it home we had a little and put the rest on the dining room table so the dogs wouldn't get it....apparently peaunut butter and chocolate were too much of a temptation and while I was out running an errand Izzy snagged it and nommed it all up. Had me worried for the rest of the day, but aside from being a little bloated and gassy she was fine. Dan is still pissed about the lack of fudge.
We also may be getting a new addition soon. Smoke's bunny boyfriend, General Burnside, may be coming to live with us after recovering from a case of wool block. He doesn't get as much attention since his owner got a dog who's soul purpose in life (at least in the dog's mind) is to eat the rabbit. My dogs love the rabbits and think they are interactive play things, so when he comes here they'll have 2 bunny playmates.
General Burnside

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