Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 3

3rd day of the games and the shawl is coming along swimmingly. So well in fact that I've decided to also compete in WIP Wrestling and getting these finished. I started them 2 years ago and have worked on them in fits and starts. One sock is complete and the other is cast on. I think now that the shawl is getting so large and since I decided to forgo stitch markers because moving them one st every row for a large section of the pattern was becoming rather tedious I'll have the socks as my travel project.

In other fabulous wooly news I posted on craigslist a while back to offer spinning lessons, no takers on that so far, but I did get an email from a couple who has four angora goats and would like their fleeces locally processed. After hammering out the details I met with her today and picked up the fleeces. 15 lbs of mohairy goodness to clean, card and spin. I hope to get it all cleaned on Wednesday that way the long process of carding can begin. Oh, how I wish I had a drum carder.
Izzy investigating the fleece.

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