Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Demo derby & MDS&W

I know Maryland Sheep & Wool was a couple weeks back, but things have been hectic here and I have a few blogs worth of posts to catch up on. So bear with me over the next few days while I get it together.
The first weekend in May was very busy. On the 4th my friend Dave was competing in a Demo
Derby up at the Pagoda Motorcycle club track. My favorite reason for going is that Dave can't drive to save his life. He even managed to clothesline himself on one of the inner wall barriers.
So Saturday was a fun in the sun with mild drinking involved.

Sunday we drove down to Maryland sheep and Wool. My forthcoming Rome trip made my budget even tighter than usual. I ended up with only half of a fleece and enough Queensland Sugar Rush to make a cami. I really love this green and it was a bit ironic that it almost exactly matches the color of the cami I made to go to Rome and that was never seen again after the airline permanently lost my luggage.
I washed the fleece several times before I left for Rome, but it was not completely dry so I didn't have the opportunity to start carding until yesterday, worked on it for 2 hours and it feels like I didn't make a dent. this is gonna take a while.

Fleecy fleece
Puffy little rolags
Tomorrow we discuss Rome.

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