Friday, May 3, 2013

Finishing Up

This semester has been very long and today is the last day of actual coursework. I have an Italian final this morning and to finish about five minutes of a presentation that I will be giving when I go to Italy next week and that is it. I will be done as an undergrad!

So I've been doing a little fibery business, not much and nothing complicated, mind you. My brain can't take complicated right now.

I finished the Holden Shawlete, still need to weave in all the ends, but it is essentially done. I'm working on some plain vanilla socks in some gorgeous yarn as my on the go project.

Over the weekend I spun and plied this bit of loveliness that I picked up at Rhinebeck last fall. I think I know what it wants to be, but for now that's a secret.

This past weekend I also procured a full set of stained glass supplies, a simplicity serger, and a singer knitting machine model 700 with ribber attachment. All gratis! So I've been resisting playing with all that in order to complete things for the semester. Responsibilities....blah.

The next few days are filled with fun and responsibility. Tomorrow is my friends Demolition Derby. Lets hope all his wheels stay on this time. Sunday is Maryland Sheep and Wool. Will I see any of you there? Monday is work, Italy prep list, and visit MIL before her surgery. Tuesday and most of Wednesday is for packing and cleaning and then our flight leaves at 6:15 that night. 7 days in Rome is gonna be lovely and hectic and I'm gonna be exhausted.

If I get a chance I'll blog while I'm there.

An for all you Whovians out there I built a Tardis for a class project. It exploded! Epic!

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