Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes your day doesn't go as planned

But in a good way, mind you. I started Grad school this past Wednesday and part of our assignments is to keep a sketchbook with ideas and inspirational photos.  Now this is not at all how I work. The only reason I sketch is to get an idea down that I don't have time to work on right that second, but usually just putting the name of the idea on a to do list is enough to keep the visual image active. I also have no magazines in the house which I am willing to cut things out of, so this morning I started hunting around on Craigslist looking for free magazines and stumbled across a post about some knitting books for sale. There where 2 on there that I wanted so I sent out an email and planned to pick them up in the afternoon. I ran to my local thrift store which luckily had a ton of National Geographic, also scored a cute top and a black pencil skirt that actually fits properly.  Found a local yard sale that had a small bookshelf that I can use in my bedroom. I took Spencer with for the car ride, which he absolutely loves. Flapping dachshund ears are so cute!

Then I was off to pick up the knitting books, turned out to be a very fortuitous meeting considering Beck works in the financial aide office at my Grad school, but also does work for Made in America yarns who happen to be looking for designers for their new yarns. She is going to talk to them about brining me on as a designer, whoot! I also ended up buying some BFL/tussah silk roving from her and she hooked me up with more magazines, some knitting and some that I'll use just for images. 
Honestly though, I don't know what to do first, I'm not used to having so much free time with so few pressing deadlines. I suppose I'll be a good spinner and finish plying the singles I finished last night.....but I really want to start spinning this...and I want to finish my Seaglass shell...and I want to card my fleece....ack. This is why I prefer deadlines. I'm never short of ideas for projects and deadlines make me finish what I start better than anything else, even self imposed deadlines.

Tomorrow I'll talk about Italy, I promise. <----example of said self imposed deadline

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