Monday, July 15, 2013

What a week!

So on the 4th of July my car was struck while parked by a tractor trailer.
The guy was caught, police were called, pain in the butt, but all could be fixed. No big deal right? ....wrong. My insurance company has been giving me the run around for almost 2 weeks now saying they couldn't find the drivers insurance info and that I had mysteriously taken my Collision coverage off when I took my Jeep off my policy... yada yada yada. The key point in that last statement is I have never owned a Jeep in my life. 0_o This morning I had had quite enough of this and made some phone calls, found the claims agent for the truck driver and got an assessment of my car scheduled, all without the incredibly rude help of Progressive Insurance Co. I will be transferring my insurance post haste and am very relieved my car will be operational again soon.

Now on to the good stuff. All the a fore mentioned annoyance has made spinning virtual impossible time wise this week.  I managed to get most of one bobbin finished during the week and wrapped it up on Saturday and miraculously finished the second bobbin that same night despite haveing frequent stops to rest my knee and pack for the move that is speeding toward us in just 2 weeks.
Yesterday I plied between more packing and tons of useless busy homework. Now I am not against homework per say, but when it has no educational value and just takes an obscenely long time I begin to be miffed by it's very existence.

I am actually totally thrilled by this yarn despite having only what could be described as lukewarm feelings for the fiber and the way it was dyed.

Results are 612 yds lace weight 2 ply from 3.5 oz Falkland Wool dyed by Winterhaven Farm.

I love it!

I think I need to design a shawl especially for it.

Oh, and in other cool news, cause this hasn't been the weirdest week ever. I started my new job at TimesPub and interviewed for a position at Huntingdon yarn mills, and a portrait of me my friend Kate painted is going to be in an international art and fashion magazine called VOLUP2.

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