Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Field Trip

Yesterday my Chemistry class took a trip to the PMA textile archives and analytical labs. I love behind the scenes stuff so I was geeking out for pretty much the whole trip. We got to see the vault that houses the museums 30,000 piece collection. I even got to see Grace Kelly's wedding gown, which unfortunately has not aged well. It was placed on a poorly size bust form and the extremely fine antique lace in the bodice was damaged. Such a shame. We also got to see a collection of Victorian Miser Bags that will be set up in the Pearlman Gallery soon. I did remember to take pictures of them...unlike everything else. I suck at taking pictures when I'm out, guess I just like to experience in real life and not so much through a screen. These bags are so cute and clever. I think I'll design one for myself when I magically have time again. Maybe make it so it could be worn on a ring or wrist strap for hands free carrying.

This trip has once again inspired me to want to work in a museum, my fastidious attention to detail would serve me well in that kind of environment. Unfortunately that would require yet another Masters degree on top of the one I'm working on and traveling out of state for school since there are no local programs. Finishing 2 Masters might mean I could be finished by the end of the decade. I haven't mentioned this to my partner, mostly cause he'll ring my neck if I say I want another 2-3 year of school on top of the 2 more I still need. So it's in the pipe dream pile for now and we'll see what happens. I also want a farm with Yaks and Sheep, so I'll just see which one life pushes me toward and go with it.

Speaking of my Masters program, I just finished my first class. I had to spend all weekend making this...

Part of the fabric is machine knit, but it was hand sculpted and assembled. It took a long time and will now sit in a display case for a semester and then come home and collect dust. I hate projects like this, but it's definitely an goal achieved. Two more classes to finish and I have a few weeks off to enjoy before the summer is over.

The best part of that is I will be enjoying it in our new house. T-minus 6 days till closing and 9 days till move in. I can't wait. My house looks like a bomb dropped on it and I can't clean till things are moved and ack!

With all the fore mentioned going on Tour de Fleece kind of fizzled out for me. I finished 3.5 skeins and only spun from my stash, so that's enough of my goal achieved to make me happy. Hopefully more peaceful spinning will commence in my new backyard toward the end of next month.

Oh..and my car is finally being repaired.

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