Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the games begin!

Tour de Fleece wrapped up last Sunday and though I should have left several more days for plying I came in under the wire with 2800 yds of gorgeous 2py.
I'm still not sure I love the purple, it's a little more blue than I want it to be and I've toyed with the idea of overdying it a bit, but I'm going to wait to see how much of this I need to complete the shawl. If I don't need the purple then it can become socks or another small shawl.

In the past week I wrapped up a photoshoot for a pattern and submitted it *cross your fingers*.

Read 5 books (I am a voracious reader when I'm not in school).

Wrapped up some final bits of another pattern sample and just need to do some button attaching and get the pattern typed up so I can submit it.

Dug through my wip bag and pulled out my skull socks that I will be completed during the games in the WIP Wrestling competition.

On Friday I cast on for my Spanish Peacock shawl and have made excellent progress in the past 2 days, 58 rounds done. Just 51 more to go plus the edging. So far, like most lace knitting, it looks like a giant mushy ball of crap. I think today I'll actually get around to watching the opening ceremonies on my laptop (I don't have cable, just netflix). Off to do a few chores and homework then on to some serious knitting.

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