Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Week To Go

The Tour de Fleece is beginning to wind down. Despite a sporadic spinning schedule (some days a lot, some days a little) I am almost done my singles.
9.7 oz done of 12 oz. I decided to wait till everything is spun and rested to begin plying. Since I wanted the colors to blend where they meet I'll start from the last 2 bobbins (containing 6 oz) and ply 4 onto a new bobbin, the next onto another and then join the 1st 2 bobbins and do 2 oz from then and the last 4oz onto a 3rd bobbin. I can't wait to see what this looks like when it's finished. Spinning can be a bit of a surprise, you never know exactly how something is going to look when it's done...well, I suppose you do after a lifetime of experience, but I've only been spinning for 4 years so I'm still learning how the colors blend. I kind of don't want to know though because I like the surprise.

In kitty related news, today I picked up Maow and 'Rali and drove 2 hours to north Jersey to bring them to their new Dad. They were very good on the drive. Only minimal meowing and no accidents of any kind (Thank Dog!)  Unfortunately they came out of the carriers and promptly went under the couch, but that is to be expected. In cat land being stuffed in a box and driven 2 hours is a rather traumatic experience, especially cause they suffered through my singing most of the time. They will come out shortly when they need food or a bathroom break. My friend who was relinquishing custody hooked them up with all the kitty accoutrement's, so once they get over the initial shock of the new house they will be very happy, and A needed the company so everyone will be good in the end.

Back to spinning.

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