Sunday, June 17, 2012

Button Hunt

Today I went on a button hunt. I have some secret projects that I was having the worst time finding appropriately colored buttons for. Someone over on FB suggested I check out the Powerhouse, an indoor flea market in Collegeville, Pa. I used to live right around the way from there, but I never think of it when I need some random thing that I can't find anywhere else. I saw tons of awesome things that I need to go back for, like an earl 1900's portrait camera, the kind that takes the glass plates, and several antique skein winders, a walking wheel and 2 other wheels traditional style wheels, all of those needed parts though, so more of a project than I'm ready to tackle in the near future. Despite many lovely shop owners complimenting me on my sweaters they all did not have buttons in the right color and if they were the right color then they were the wrong size or there weren't enough. *Le Sigh!* I did find a drink strainer (bar tending do-hickey) and a darning egg for a grand total of $3.

Still on a mission to find these darned buttons I trucked on over to Doylestown to the extra large JoAnn's Fabric store and thankfully I found buttons...on the last rack I looked at. And a few magazines leaped off the shelf at me while I was there.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there!

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