Saturday, June 23, 2012

Other pusuits

This semester I have been taking Photo II. I really enjoyed Photo I and the complex set of goals I have requires that I be able to photograph my work in an interesting manner. For the one series I just completed I am going to be putting together a small book on Blurb and may give it out as a gift for the holidays. If I get enough positive feedback I may even put it up for sale in their marketplace. The theme for this series is the relationship between the paths we create in nature and the leavings of man and how the become part of that landscape once habitation of the area has ceased. The image below was shot in Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town now mostly abandoned due to the underground mine fire accidentally set in 1962.
The second series I'm working on is of self portraits dealing with light and motion and will be completed by the end of next week, but here is a little preview.
In more fiber related pursuits, I have finished two more bobbins of the Mermaid singles and started a third, which I hope to complete by the end of the weekend.  If all goes as planned I will have another 800yards of plied and washed before Tour de Fleece starts on the 30th. I may even get the last 4oz completed during the tour along with my planned project.
The patterns I've been working on are coming along nicely. I just have to type two of them up. Get one off to test knitting and do a photo shoot of the other for submission. I have several other plans to work on after that. The big announcement has been revised and I am now seeking more financial support.
Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their weekend.
Well, off to go work on writing up my business plan and patterns.

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