Monday, June 18, 2012

Upcoming Competions

Tour de Fleece and the Ravelymipics are right around the corner and though I have bee considering my project for several months now I hadn't selected my teams until this weekend.
I choose Team Kromski for Tour de Fleece, makes sense since I spin on a Sonata and Team Knit Your Handspun since I will be knitting my Tour de Fleece spoils into the Spanish peacock shawl that I have been coveting for months.
I'm getting pretty stoked about it although I really wanted to have finished my other handspun by the time the Tour starts, I just don't think there will be time what with 1st summer semester wrapping up and second summer semester starting all at the same time. Maybe I'll get 4 more ozs done before then, I had an idea for a sweater design for it so the sooner the yarn is done, the sooner I can hide it from all of you until it's done :)

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