Friday, June 15, 2012

A Fathers Day Card

I just realized that Fathers Day was coming up this Sunday and I hadn't gotten anything sent out to my step-dad who is currently working out in Arizona. So I made him a card. It's in the mail now and will hopefully only get there a day late, but it's hand painted so I think that makes up for the late. Plus he has a thing for Cowboys, so extra bonus points there.

I'm also gearing up for Tour de Fleece. The fiber I selected to work on is for a specific project that I was having a really hard time find yarn I wanted to use. The shawl I'm spinning for is the Spanish Peacock Shawl by Meg Swansen, I saw this absolutely gorgeous interpretation by MandaKR and simply had to make it. I have it qued up on Ravelry with some mohair lace weight my ML gave me, but it just wasn't speaking to me, ya know what I mean? So when I was down at Maryland sheep and wool I fell in love with a sample shawl (not a great pic, in person it is very impressive) at the both Fiber Optics. I loved how one color blended into the next yet you didn't get that stripey impression that often occurs when variegated yarns are paired with lace patterns. I didn't buy any of her fiber, but did hit up Cloverleaf Farm's Stand. And pick up these six 2 oz puffs.  I plan on spinning 4 bobbins of single composed of 1 whole color and half of the center color, then plying the matching pairs together to get a continuous grading effect. I am a little concerned now that the variegated purple on the left my be too cool for the other colors. We'll see.

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  1. That pattern is gorgeous, I can see why you fell in love with it! The colors of wool you chose to spin will look very lovely, cannot wait to see pictures after it's finished!