Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Training

I've been trying to wrap up the pound of wool from Dancing Leaf farms for well over 2 months now. In the last week I got 6 more oz of singles spun and plied, making for a total of 10oz complete. I was thrilled to get so much done before the Tour starts on Saturday, but when the second skein was dried and placed next to the first.
They look like two entirely different color ways of yarn!  I was really hoping for a sweater from this lot, but until I see what the last 6oz looks like when finished I don't know it will make a good looking sweater. With any luck it will land somewhere squarely between these 2 and I can get some kind of gradient action going on. Going to start my Tour de Fleece project on Saturday. Hopefully I'll wrap that up real quick because the suspense of what I'll get from those 6oz is killing me.

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